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Have a Mexican themed party or event coming up and don’t want to wear some tacky looking costume from eBay? You’re in the right place. We have an extensive and ever changing range of quality Mexican costumes and ponchos to suit your needs. Not only are they perfect as part of a Mexico inspired ensemble, they’re also comfy, warm and fashionable enough to stylise as part of your everyday wardrobe.
We’re based in Australia and offer speedy postage options both within Australia and worldwide so that if you have a dress-up party for the coming weekend you aren’t left high and dry.
The majority of our collection is hand made in Tlaxcala, Mexico by local artisans that have been honing their craft for generations. We do also source products from Nepal as they are world renowned for their high quality, vibrant and soft cotton garments. All our products are ethically made and best of all they’re all UNISEX.