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Featured Mexican Ponchos & Costumes

Have a Mexican themed party or event coming up and don’t want to wear some tacky looking costume from eBay? You’re in the right place. We have an extensive and ever changing range of quality Mexican costumes and ponchos to suit your needs. Not only are they perfect as part of a Mexico inspired ensemble, they’re also comfy, warm and fashionable enough to stylise as part of your everyday wardrobe.
We’re based in Australia and offer speedy postage options both within Australia and worldwide so that if you have a dress-up party for the coming weekend you aren’t left high and dry.
The majority of our collection is hand made in Tlaxcala, Mexico by local artisans that have been honing their craft for generations. We do also source products from Nepal as they are world renowned for their high quality, vibrant and soft cotton garments. All our products are ethically made and best of all they’re all UNISEX.

Welcome to the worlds number one Mexican Poncho website. We have a wide range of Mexican Costumes in different colours, shapes and sizes. We also stock Sombreros to complete the full Mexican Outfit. We offer fast worldwide delivery and won’t be beaten on quality.

We are an Australian based importer and supplier of Mexican ponchos. We have hand selected the finest quality ponchos that are hand made, in you guessed it, Mexico! Unless otherwise stated the majority of our ponchos are hand-made by local artisans in Mexico that have been making textiles, ponchos and Mexican blankets for generations. They are ethically made and the patterns and colours are traditional to Central America. We take the utmost care to make sure that the quality of our ponchos are second to none. They are comfortable, breathable, warm and best of all they are one size fits all. There are many reasons one should own a Mexican poncho. We have sold to people looking for them for fashion shoots, fancy dress parties, Mexican restaurants, movie props and of course people that just want a unique and interesting garment to wear on those colder nights.

We also stock a great range of hand-made Nepalese ponchos. Sourced from local artisans in Nepal, these ponchos differ slightly from the traditional Mexican style poncho in both shape and style. They are hooded ponchos that feature very soft brushed cotton on the outside and generally very vibrant colours. Because they are from Nepal you can be assured that they are also very warm, to deal with the often very cold climate of the Himalayas. Our Nepalese ponchos are extremely versatile and they also feature a large kangaroo style pocket at the front to keep your belongings as well as strings at the side to tie up the ponchos in to more of a baja jumper style fit.
These style ponchos are great to wear on hikes, camping or even just as outerwear on colder days.

As you would expect we also stock a range of complete unisex Mexican costumes. We don’t sell cheaply made knock-off Mexican costumes. Unless otherwise stated these are all authentic Mexican made costumes as well. Often consisting of such items as bright coloured Saltillo ponchos, traditional Mexican charro sombreros, fake moustache packs and more!

Perfect for anyone looking for a Cinco de Mayo costume or a Mexican Halloween costume, we try to update our range of Mexican costumes as often as possible.

We also have a range of novelty mini-ponchos that double as stubby holders. They are a great idea to not only keep your cerveza ice cold but also great to have at your next Mexican themed party or fiesta.

We make sure to stock a range of hippie style ponchos. Otherwise known as Baja ponchos, these include our Nepalese ponchos. They are also known as hippie ponchos because they are often worn by the hippie community at gatherings, music festivals and bush doofs. They are great for such events because they are so versatile. They are warm, colourful, unique, soft to wear, non-itchy and also feature a hood and kangaroo pocket. Better yet, they are ethically made and by purchasing one you are helping to support local artisans in Nepal. Made from all natural fibres and using natural dyes, they will not irritate your skin.

We are big fans of old Western movies. And no more so than Sergio Leone’s classic Spaghetti western trilogy. If you’re familiar with the movies than you will be no doubt familiar with the iconic patterned poncho worn by Clint Eastwood in these movies. He wears this poncho in ‘A Fistful of Dollars’, ‘For a Few Dollars More’ and of course everyone’s favourite ‘The Good the Bad and The Ugly.’ Since their release, people have been wanting to get their hands on a similar poncho to the one worn by Clint Eastwood’s ‘the man with no name’ character. Thankfully we have a replica of this poncho available in our store. Perfect for anyone wanting to dress up as Clint Eastwood at Halloween, our replica is of a very high quality and will definitely not disappoint.

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